Unofficial N900 iSync Plugin

With no official Nokia plug-in supplied, to sync the Nokia N900 with OSX (iSync), a few of the members of have decided make one. Currently most features that you would expect work, work well, but there are some things that either have part-functionality or do not work at all (yet!). There is a list below explaining what does and doesn't work.

WARNING! This is an unofficial plugin and we take no responsibility for any loss of data that may incur by using it. We recommend that you backup any calendar, contacts or other data/information before using this plugin.

Download N900 Plug-In (v1.1)
For a version history and to download previous versions visit click here

If you find any other issues with the synchronisation process please email us. This is a work in progress and we are working to resolve the issues mentioned, please let us know if you have a solution to them!

INSTALLATION INSTRUCTIONS: 1. Firstly you need Bluetooth Dial-up Networking installed on your N900 for this to work. So do that first if you haven't already. 2. Unzip the plugin you downloaded 3. Run the installer that you have downloaded 4. Turn bluetooth on (Mac & N900) 5. Open iSync 6. Devices > Add Device 7. Double click the N900 logo that should show up in the list. 8. Change your settings to how you want them. (We suggest selecting "Erase Data on Device for first sync" to avoid any mishaps ;) 9. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE BACK UP ANY DATA YOU CAN'T AFFORD TO LOSE!!! 10. Click synchronise and wait to be happy :)

NOTE: Previously there were 3 versions of this plugin but we have now decided to group together and make one, definitive plugin. You can still obtain this page's original plugin but it is unsupported and the main plugin for download below should be your first option. The plugin was produced through conversation over on Maemo's forums - 'iSync and Mac support with Maemo 5'.